Race Recap: Div 1 – Round 1

The first race of the RRVLN endurance racing season in RaceRoom Racing Experience started already
different than expected. Other than the original idea, the field started at the T13 Tribune and skip the
GP-Course of the Nürburgring completely as there where some technical issues when using the GPCourse
and making a pit-stop, which will be fixed in the next update.

The qualifying was already a highlight. It was may not a surprise, that the Italian driver Georg Ortner
were again one of the fastest driver of the field, but the final result for the start where close as never
before. The Canadian driver Christian Moreau lapped the 20-kilometer-long variant of the
Nordschleife just 1,552 seconds slower than Georg. The German driver Nicolas Hillebrand qualified
third. We’re happy to see three drivers from three different countries on the first 3 starting positions.
The start went great for Ortner and Moreau. Hillebrand had a short delay and fell back to fourth. Less
than half a second were between the first two drivers as they went into the Fuchsröhre in Lap 1. And
it got even closer at Breitscheid, where Hillebrand caught up back for third and closed the gap to

Thomas Pache, who went on Pole for Group 2, were overtaken by a phenomenal start of the blue
Aero Audi TT which started on P2.
As Group 3 started, Benedikt Kürsch could defend his pole and went right away from the rest of the
field by nearly a second at Flugplatz on Lap 1.

After 1 hour of pure sprint racing in this 90-minute endurance race, Georg Ortner still couldn’t drive
away from Moreau. The gap was always between 0.5 and 2 seconds between the first two cars.
Meanwhile Hillebrand fought for P3, P4, P5 or P6. Close battling after one hour of racing seemed to
be normal in this series.

30 Minutes later Georg Ortner won the first run of the RRVLN race. Moreau finished second in his
Audi R8 LMS and Hillebrand who catched up back to P1 and P2 by 2 seconds third.

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