Race 2 for Division 1!

After both divisions successfully completed Round 1, the Division 1 drivers had to demonstrate that they haven‘t forgotten the VLN combination of the Nordschleife.

It is Georg Ortner who reached the overall pole with a 7:52.526, followed by Tim Koch (+03.143) and Christian Moreau (+03.867). It is worth mentioning is that there are 4 brands on the first 5 places. This shows that the GT3 class is really balanced. The class of the Audi TT RS VLN was ruled by the Pache pair, who burned insane times into the asphalt. Benedikt Kürsch assured the 3rd place in this class. John Dalton took pole in the Porsche Cayman class with Lasse Ougaard and Connor Mathieson in his mirrors.

All three classes had a flawless start. Georg Ortner was able to maintain his lead in the first corner. Except for a few touches, it was a very decent start of the GT3s. The cars of the Audi TT RS VLN class also had a good start and Patrick Pache was leading the class at the entrance of the „Green Hell“. Unfortunately, 3 Caymans got a connection issue before they could start their race. So, just 4 Caymans were able to race the 90 minutes in the „Green Hell“, lead by Lasse Ougaard in the first corners. The trio of the GT3 class (Ortner, Koch, Moreau) had a three-way fight in the first rounds, including several leadership changes. Unfortunately, Nicolas Hillebrand lost some places at the start and in the first corners but he was starting to fight back to the leading positions. Patrick Pache was still leading the Audi TT RS VLN class and increased the gap to Thomas Pache each round. Lasse Ougaard lost his leading position in the Cayman class in the first round to John Dalton who was able to hold this position to the finish.

After all drivers did their pit stops, it was Nicolas Hillebrand who took the lead in the GT3 class, followed by Christian Moreau and Georg Ortner in the 3rd position. In the Audi TT RS class, there were only small changes. Patrick Pache lead the class, followed by Thomas Pache and Sebastian Weiß who claimed the 3rd position. In the Cayman class weren’t any changes. John Dalton increased his gap to Lasse Ougaard to +50 seconds.

In the last round Georg Ortner lost his lead to Nicolas Hillebrand on the Döttinger Höhe. Nicolas passed him and finished the race on P1, followed by Georg Ortner in the 2nd and Tim Koch in 3rd completing the podium in the GT3 class. Unfortunately, Christian Moreau spun after the Karussel and lost his 2nd position.

Patrick Pache won the race in the Audi TT class with a big gap of 1.30min in front of Thomas Pache. Sebastian Weiß reached the 3rd position.

The winner of the last class was John Dalton in his Cayman. Lasse Ougaard and Andreas Gillmann claimed the two other podium places.

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