Start for Division 2, Race 2!

Green light for the 2nd race of Division 2. The high-performance class of the Cup Porsche, the DTM 92 and the M235i Cup are once again in attendance.

The qualifying showed already, which driver in the individual classes set the pace. Tim Koch reached the overall pole (8: 12.555) followed by Radek Pawlaczek (+03.322) and Christoph Duerselen (+06.028) in 3rd position.
As in the previous race, Gianni Nicosia showed again that he is the fastest in the DTM92 class. He not only reached the pole position, but he also separated the Porsche Cup class into two parts. The 2nd and 3rd positions were taken by Leon Harhoff and Benjamin de Groot.
The class of the M235i was led by Benedikt Kürsch, behind him Georg Ortner positioned on the 2nd position and Richard Schäfer on the 3rd position.

One minute after qualifying, the race started for the Porsche GT3 Cup class. Tim Koch got off to a good start and was able to keep his lead in the first corners. Kevin Wolf also had a good start and relegated the other Cup riders, Radek Pawlaczek and Christoph Duerselen, to the positions 3 and 4.
Tim Koch made the first loop on the Nordschleife and started to extend his lead. Kevin Wolf, who worked his way up from position 4 to 2, lost his position on the Nordschleife and fell back to position 4. The lucky winner was Dima Bugaev, who was able to work his way up from 5th position to 2nd. With already 6 seconds Tim Koch finished the first round.
The start of the DTM92 went without further problems. Gianni Nicosia was able to maintain his lead over Leon Harhoff and thus made the first turn into the first corner. Benjamin de Groot tried to follow the two, but lost on the Nordschleife more and more ground to the two. Gianni Nicosia had every effort to withstand the attacks of Leon Harhoff, but he solved this sovereign and defended so successfully his 1st position.
In the class of BMW M235i vehicles went less well. Unfortunately, Richard Schäfer got a jump start and had to work from the back through the whole field. Benedikt Kürsch claimed his lead over Georg Ortner and was able to get a small gap on the first lap.

After all pit stops had been completed, Dima Bugaev took over the overall leading position. Tim Koch occupied the 2nd position but could reduce the gap lap by lap. Unfortunately, Bugaev got another connection problem and lost the first position to Tim Koch.
In the class of the DTM92 there were no further position changes at the top. Nicosia before Harhoff before de Groot.
The leadership position in the M235i Cup class continued to be given to Benedikt Kürsch after the pit stops. However, Honzik was able to work his way up to Georg Ortner. In the subsequent rounds, Honzik could even push past Ortner on the 2nd position.

The race winner after the 2nd race of Division 2 was Tim Koch on the Porsche 911 Cup. Radek Pawlaczek finished second, 84 seconds behind and Kevin Wolf completed the podium.
In the class of the DTM92 there were no further changes after the pit stops. Gianni Nicosia won the race in his class, followed by Leon Harhoff and Benjamin de Groot on positions 2 and 3.
The class of the BMW M235i won Benedikt Kürsch, Honzik secured the second position after a good race. Georg Ortner made the BMW podium perfect.

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