V 0.5

General Information:

The RRVLN is a community-driven project born from passion for online racing.
We expect all drivers to treat each other with courtesy and respect.


The championship consists of 7 rounds.
Each round consists of 1 race per division.
There are 2 divisions containing 3 classes each.

  • Division 1: GT3 + Audi TT RS VLN + GT4

  • Division 2: DTM 92 + WTCR + BMW M235i

Grid spots:

There are 36 grid spots available in each division (72 in total).
Drivers are only allowed to sign up in one division (except contributors).

Each class can contain a potential maximum of 14 drivers.
The distribution depends on the order of driver registrations.


Races are being held on a bi-weekly schedule, alternating Division 1 & 2 (See Calendar)

Practice: 19:00 – 60 min
Driver Briefing: 19:50 – 10 min (discord voice channel)
Quali: 20:00  – 35 min
Race: 20:35 – See Calendar

All times are CET (Central European Time)

Starting Procedure:

Due to the multiclass nature of the series, cars will automatically be grouped on the grid by class.
Faster classes start at the front of the grid. Slower classes will spawn behind them on the grid.

To improve the multiclass experience on a long track like the Nordschleife, we are performing a staggered start, where class 2 & 3 on the server start their race with a short delay.

For this purpose 6 minutes will be added to each race (i.e. 90 min +6)

  • Class 1 start their race as usual, when the starting lights go out.
  • Class 2 starts their race with a 5 minute delay (i.e. race countdown reaches 1h31min)
  • Class 3 starts their race with a 6 minute delay (i.e. Race countdown reaches 1h30min)

Since RaceRoom does not support multiple starting groups, it is the drivers responsibility to follow this procedure.

If a driver fails to perform his start according to the rules he can park his car in a save location on the GP-course and let his starting group pass before rejoining it, to avoid a penalty.

DO NOT turn off your engine while waiting for your start, or you will get a DNF.
DO NOT turn around or reverse if you failed the start you will get disqualified by the game.


Restart Procedure:

In case of a server crash, the race will be restarted if less than 75% of the race time have been completed.
After a potential server crash every driver has to be in the “Race” voice channel on the discord.
Not showing up in the voice channel will result in a DNF-result for the driver.
Read all details about the Restart Procedure here.

Server Settings:

Difficulty: GetReal
Max Num Of Players: 36
Fuel Usage: 1x
Tire Wear: 1x
Damage: Realistic
Mechanical Damage: On
Race Finish Duration: 360
Flag Rules: Visual Only
Cut Rules: Off
Wrecker Prevention: Off
Mandatory Pitstop: Off
Join In Qualifying: On


We are using a point system very similar to the real VLN Championship. The more drivers a class contains, the more points are available.

Points = 10*(ParticipantsInClass + 0.5 – PositionInClass)/(ParticipantsInClass)


Drivers can report incidents to the stewards via a form, linked on discord.
For a report to be investigated it needs to contain all the required information.
Drivers can only report incidents that affected themselves directly.
Steward enquiries will begin the day after a race and will be open for submission for 1 week after race day.
The stewards decision cannot be appealed.

Please also note that guest drivers cannot submit an incident report.
For example, If you happen to be a season driver from Division 1 and you are doing a guest starts in Division 2 then you will still not be able to submit a valid report.


Depending on the severeness of the incident, the race stewards will hand out penalty points, which will be subtracted from the drivers championship points.

Steward decisions will be announced on discord.


We use for driver registration.
Detailled information is available on discord.

Please only sign up for the series if you can commit to it.
If you can’t make a race you have to give notice at least one hour before the event starts, by letting us know on discord, so somebody else gets a chance to join.
Failing to sign out in time will be penalized.

If you repeatedly miss out races without signing out, you will be removed from the grid and replaced by another driver.

Regular members:

Regular members will be prioritized during registration. You can become a regular member by entering a minimum of 5 races per season.


Prizes are provided by our Partners & Sponsors.

VIB3SPORTS will provide trophies for the Top 3 of the overall championship.

Full responsibility of prize distribution lies with the Sponsor.


Joining our discord server is mandatory,
as it is our main communication platform and contains all important announcements.

Being in the “Race” voice channel during an event is mandatory for the driver briefing and in case of technical difficulties.


By participating in the championship you agree, that your name may be exposed on live broadcasts, videos, articles, news items and other posts on the website and social media.


Admins can change or overrule any of the rules at any time.