Race Recap: Div 1 – Round 1

The first race of the RRVLN endurance racing season in RaceRoom Racing Experience started already
different than expected. Other than the original idea, the field started at the T13 Tribune and skip the
GP-Course of the Nürburgring completely as there where some technical issues when using the GPCourse
and making a pit-stop, which will be fixed in the next update.

The qualifying was already a highlight. It was may not a surprise, that the Italian driver Georg Ortner
were again one of the fastest driver of the field, but the final result for the start where close as never
before. The Canadian driver Christian Moreau lapped the 20-kilometer-long variant of the
Nordschleife just 1,552 seconds slower than Georg. The German driver Nicolas Hillebrand qualified
third. We’re happy to see three drivers from three different countries on the first 3 starting positions.
The start went great for Ortner and Moreau. Hillebrand had a short delay and fell back to fourth. Less
than half a second were between the first two drivers as they went into the Fuchsröhre in Lap 1. And
it got even closer at Breitscheid, where Hillebrand caught up back for third and closed the gap to

Thomas Pache, who went on Pole for Group 2, were overtaken by a phenomenal start of the blue
Aero Audi TT which started on P2.
As Group 3 started, Benedikt Kürsch could defend his pole and went right away from the rest of the
field by nearly a second at Flugplatz on Lap 1.

After 1 hour of pure sprint racing in this 90-minute endurance race, Georg Ortner still couldn’t drive
away from Moreau. The gap was always between 0.5 and 2 seconds between the first two cars.
Meanwhile Hillebrand fought for P3, P4, P5 or P6. Close battling after one hour of racing seemed to
be normal in this series.

30 Minutes later Georg Ortner won the first run of the RRVLN race. Moreau finished second in his
Audi R8 LMS and Hillebrand who catched up back to P1 and P2 by 2 seconds third.

Last lap drama rounds off first Division 2 test race

After Division 1 finishing it’s first test race on Saturday last week, it was time for Division 2
to get on the tarmac of the holy Nordschleife.

Dima Bugaev took overall pole in the Porsche 911 Cup car with an outstanding 8:10.843, leaving Tim Koch 1.254 seconds behind.
Pole sitter in the DTM 92’/Touring Classics-class was Gianni Nicosia, who split up the Porsche Cup field with driving his Audi on P4(!) in
The M235i class was topped by John Dalton with Georg Ortner and Jaroslav
„Jardier“ Honzik on his tail.

The lights went out and we were able to see some very close racing as Tim Koch
managed to pass Bugaev into the first corner, leading the field on to the Nordschleife. 5 minutes later it was green for the DTM 92’/Touring Classics and Gianni Nicosia lost the lead in Turn 1 to Dennis Härz in the BMW M3.
60 seconds later the M235i were allowed to rev the engines up and John Dalton led the package into T1, whilst Honzik got hit from behind, which moved him back a few places.
With 1:15 hrs on the clock, Dima Bugaev was able to pass Koch and extended his lead directly to a gap of 3 seconds. Nobody was able to match the pace of Dima, as he was gaining more and more time on P2.
The same picture was produced in our second-fastest class with Gianni Nicosia litterally flying over the Green Hell after he got past Härz in the early stages of the race.
His laptimes were the 4th-fastest overall, quicker than some of the 911 Cup cars. While the other classes started to build bigger gaps between their cars, it were the M235i cars, which delivered front to rear racing with Georg Ortner increasing pressure on John Dalton. In the meantime Honzik recovered from his lap one-crash catching up to the leaders.
At this point it’s important to mention, how fair the lappings proceeded. As the Cup and Touring cars flew past the M235is, we had no major incidents causing any trouble on the track.

10 minutes to go – Bugaev as overall leader with 52 seconds to the car behind him. Nicosia drove a race without any mistakes and managed to extend his gap up to 1,5 minutes. The race seemed over in the both top classes, but not in M235i.
Ortner was biting the tail of Dalton, as suddenly Honzik showed up in the mirror of the both leaders. 3 cars within a second were flying down Döttinger Höhe as Ortner finally made his pass on Dalton in Pflanzgarten. Honzik took advantage of that and passed the Brit too.
After one and a half hours it was unsurprisingly Dima Bugaev in the 911 Cup, who crossed the finished line in P1. With Nicosia taking the chequered as the winner in the ’92 class, the fire in M235i was still burning. Honzik and Ortner swapped the positions for the lead several times on the last lap and Jaroslav led them into the Döttinger Höhe for the final battle.
Ortner took advantage of the slipstream and went sideways completing his
manouver with a later-braker into Hohenrain which resulted in a win for him in M235i.

Event Results

First Round of Test Races

We are going to have our first round of Test Races on:

Saturday, February 3rd – Division 1
Saturday, February 10th – Division 2

Everyone is allowed to enter, in one or both races.

Please make sure your name is entered correctly in the RaceApp (instructions on http://discord.gg/wrmXP6x )
All conditions and procedures will be just like during an actual Championship Round, so please make sure you understood the Rules (http://www.rrvln.com/rules/), and the **starting procedure** in particular!

Please avoid choosing the same livery as another driver.

Sign up for Division 1 Test here: https://raceapp.eu/rrvln#/Series/51?tab=booking
Sign up for Division 2 Test here: https://raceapp.eu/rrvln#/Series/60?tab=booking

Practice: 19:00 (60 min)
Quali: 20:00 (30 min)
Warmup: 20:30 (5 min)
Race: 20:35 (96 min)

*All times are CET*

The Password will be shared on discord. Please only join if you registered for the race.
Please be present in the “Race” Voice chat during the event.


Welcome to the RRVLN Endurance Series.

We are still working on some details before we will officially start the championship.

But i would like everyone to know what the plan is right now.

As soon as the League Managing System is fully supporting our needs, we will do a few test events.

If the tests are successful we will announce a date and time when driver registrations will open, and eventually launch Season 1 of the RRVLN.

Our estimate timeline is as follow:

  • Tests: End of January – Beginning of February
  • Driver registrations: End of February
  • Championship start: Beginning of March

We are still expanding the Rules at the moment, but you can see the latest draft on the Rules page.

Our official communication platform is discord,
but you can also follow on social media: